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Welcome To QualQuant Signals

QualQuant Signals is a game changing innovation insights company that scientifically uncovers & amplifies (evaluates and prioritizes) predictive ideas & insights that WORK through our patented customer QualQuant collaboration process.

Our team, who brings innovation to innovation, strives to think differently, delivering well beyond the status quo. Sitting at the intersection of consumers’ expectations and client objectives, we increase innovation effectiveness, carve out new market opportunities, identify unmet needs, help develop, test and improve concepts, and help revive brands by facilitating innovative collaboration with customers from the outside in or the inside out.

The prowess of collective human intelligence combined with our patented qual/quant algorithm sets our clients on a decision making path.  A path with: concrete direction, solidified priorities, minimized risk and a path that builds market success. And that is what we define as predictive insights that WORK!

QualQuant Signals – Thinking Ahead & Different

We help brands sustain and grow through ideation, innovation, product development, brand strategy by providing outcome based predictive ideas and insights using our patented QualQuant customer collaboration process.
Our success lies in the success of our clients.
Be a valuable partner.
We have strengths on many fronts to help our clients succeed. Our Team – Our QualQuant Patent – Our Ability To Bring Success.

Our Crazy Skills

Unmet Needs, Ideation, Identifying Innovation Opportunities, etc. 100
Consumer Insights, Consumer Behavior, Trend Spotting, etc. 100
Brand Strategy, Increase Revenue, Customer Acquisition, Loyalty, etc. 100
Digital Innovation, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Mobile 100

Meet Our Team

Hemen Patel
Hemen PatelClient Strategist
Innovation is my Passion. I am always on the lookout for ideas that will change peoples live for the better.
Kimberly Marsh
Kimberly MarshCo-Founder, SVP
My research passions are: providing clients with an “a-ha” moment, carving out corporate culture to go from “Good to Great” and making sense of it all through development & sharing of best practices.
Kathy Montoya
Kathy MontoyaResearch
Creating actionable stories from data is my passion.
Goran Todorovic
Goran TodorovicResearch Analyst
William Lopez
William LopezVP, Business Development
William is very creative in cooking up ideas that contribute to business growth. He loves to apply proven scientific techniques.
Tushar Mistry
Tushar MistryVP Technology
Always innovating to develop technology that serves our clients.
Amit Tailong
Amit TailongDirector Technology
We call him magic fingers. Ability to develop any type of software.
Part of Our Team
Part of Our TeamExploring the adventure side of life.

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