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A scientific customer collaboration approach to uncover – prioritize expectations based predictive ideas /insights (customer signals) that WORK!

Our QQS “Creative Excellence” Goal:

Provide predictive ideas/insights to develop effective advertising strategy and creative.

Ideas being the fuzzy front end of innovation play a very important role in the level of success achieved within the creative process. Feeding the creative process with misdirected ideas/insights can prove to be a very costly affair. In order to increase chance of success, an ideation process needs to be designed in manner to uncover & prioritize ideas that will meet expectations of customers. QualQuant Signals being innovative, scientific, and unique brings this disciplined approach.

What makes an AD Great? Those that help reach the advertiser’s objectives.

Characteristics of Great Ads

Good or great Ads work on two levels…

  1. Satisfy the consumers’ objectives by engaging them and delivering a relevant message.
  2. At the same time, the ads must achieve the advertiser’s objective.

Developing an effective advertising/communication strategy requires a very detailed understanding of your target customers. You have to live and breathe like your target segment to get through to them. QualQuant AdExcellence delivers the predictive ideas/insights (customer signals) providing that detailed understanding & bringing you very  close to your target customers providing directions to develop, test and improve advertising creative.









QualQuant Signals Value

Quick Turnaround
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Research Rigor
Budget Friendly
Full Service Research
Strategy & Recommendation Consulting
Hybrid QualQuant
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Advertising Creative Capabilities

Customer Behaviors

Getting into the head of your target customers is the source of inspiration to develop effective advertising. QualQuant Signals gets you into the head of your target customers by connecting you very closely to their expectations. QQS approaches a wide angle lens to understanding customers from a point of view of… – Frustrations – Choice / Trade Offs they make in selecting a brand – Category & brand perceptions – Their turn offs about the category & brand – Other areas

Thes insights provide targeted action points to help guide advertising strategy and creative.

Creative Ideas

Advertising creativity is most effective when it meets the objectives of the target customer & advertiser. QualQuant Signals provides a wide angle lens view of the customer around behaviors, category/brand affinity, factors he considers in selecting a brand, category/brand perceptions, etc. The analysis of this customer ecosystem uncovers ideas to build Ad creative (messaging, visuals, sound, etc.). QualQuant Signals gets your very close to customer expectations by providing predictive ideas/insights that feed into creative development setting up for advertising success.

Creative Testing

QualQuant Signals deploys a scientific integrated QualQuant approach to test & improve your creatives based on direction and insight from your target audience offering clarifications for the final creative execution.
– Strengths of the ads.
– Improvements to be made.
– To what degree will the Ad be successful?
– What are the emotional associations?
– Is it relevant to the target audience?
– Is the message believable?


Core Competencies (Predictive Ideas / Insights @ Work)

Identified innovation opportunities by uncovering unmet needs through understanding behaviors, frustrations and purchase barriers.
Delivered a set of ideas to develop a mobile application based on their customer expectations.
Developed an enterprise ideation system to load the innovation pipeline with fresh ideas.
Delivered ideas to provide a success path for new product development. Ideas were delivered feeding into each feature of the product to meet the expectations of different customer segments.
Helped improve employee benefits program which has a direct effect on retention & motivation. Ideas were collected by understanding what they value most and identifying the gaps in the benefit program.


QualQuant Signals Patent – Innovative, Unique & Different

Predictive Ideas/Insights

Presented the visual illustration of the QualQuant Signals customer collaboration process.

Meet or Exceed Expectations

Our ‘Expectations’ based framework brings out the outcome based probability of an idea/insight.

Game Changing Process

QualQuant Signals is scientifically designed by applying principles to deliver quality ideas/insights.

Why Choose Us

  • Patented Integrated Qualitative/Quantitative
  • Scientific Customer Collaboration Process
  • Predictive Ideas/Insights (Customer Signals) That WORK
  • An Innovative, Unique & Different Approach to Uncover Customer Signals
  • QualQuant Signals Brings You Very Close to Your Customer's Expectations

Customer Signals Picked Up

I reviewed with the Nexxus team and we think this report is excellent! We would like to schedule time in January for you to walk us through it. We also would like to have our agencies on the phone, since they manage our communication and content strategies. I sent it to the TRESemmé team. I really think they will be interested in doing a similar project.
Stephen Strong, Unilever