‘Expectations’ Based Framework

/‘Expectations’ Based Framework

‘Expectations’ Based Ideas/Insights – QQS Framework

What is happening to ‘Expectations’ today? They are increasing either through new ones being born or increase in existing expectations. A single human being has several areas and types of expectations.
1. Ares of Expectations – as a professional, family member, student, human being, etc.
2. Type of Expectations – functional benefits, emotional benefits, economic value, lifestyle, etc.

QualQuant Signals as a company is the intersection between our client’s objective and customer expectations. A mutual value based framework where ideas/insights generated & prioritized not only have potential to meet customer expectations but also at the same meet business objectives.

The QQS process ensures the prioritization of ideas by designing an evaluating process where each idea is rated based on the strength of expectation and at the same time to what degree the outcome will help achieve objectives of the business.

Below is an illustration of the QQS framework, highlighting the importance of QualQuant for uncovering & prioritizing expectations (ideas/insights).