Improve employee retention / loyalty

/Improve employee retention / loyalty

QualQuant Signals – Ideation

Ideas being the fuzzy front end of innovation play a very important role in the level of success achieved within an innovation process. Feeding the innovation process with misdirected ideas can prove to be a very costly affair. In order to increase chance of success, an ideation process needs to be designed in manner to uncover & prioritize ideas that will meet expectations of customers. QualQuant Signals being innovative, scientific, and unique brings this disciplined approach.

QualQuant Signals is a patented research approach that delivers predictive ideas / insights (customer signals) that WORK!

The QQS scientific ideation process is powered by our proprietary ‘Expectations’ based framework that uncovers & prioritizes ideas to provide statistically reliable signals that represent customer expectations on many levels such as functional benefits, emotional benefits, economic value, personal value, lifestyle fits, etc.

Ideation Framework:

  • Open Innovation
  • Closed Innovation
  • Hybrid (Open & Closed)

Ideation Methods Deployed:

  • Have existing ideas from idea challenges, focus groups, brainstorming, ethnography, etc.
    # Idea Validation & Prioritization Only
    Customers prioritize existing Ideas which are pre-seeded
    # Hybrid (Idea Generation, Validation & Prioritization)
    Customer add to the existing ideas which are pre-seeded
  • Need a complete set of new ideas
    Customers generate, validate and prioritize ideas (100% customer generated)

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QualQuant Signals Value

Unique & Different
Exceed Expectations
We become a part of your team & vision.
The QQS Team
We are passionate and work to make sure we bring success.

Ideation Capabilities

Unmet Needs

QQS uncovers & amplifies unmet or not served needs to present high value innovation opportunities.

Idea Generation

QQS delivers high value ideas for new products, brand taglines, creative(s) digital, technology, etc.

Idea Prioritization

Have ideas that are not reliable? QQS helps screen & prioritize ideas to deliver statistically reliable ideas.

Other Areas

You can call QQS an idea factory. We can provide customer driven ideas for any area or vertical.


Core Competencies (Predictive Ideas / Insights @ Work)

Identified innovation opportunities by uncovering unmet needs through understanding behaviors, frustrations and purchase barriers.
Delivered a set of ideas to develop a mobile application based on their customer expectations.
Developed an enterprise ideation system to load the innovation pipeline with fresh ideas.
Delivered ideas to provide a success path for new product development. Ideas were delivered feeding into each feature of the product to meet the expectations of different customer segments.
Helped improve employee benefits program which has a direct effect on retention & motivation. Ideas were collected by understanding what they value most and identifying the gaps in the benefit program.


QualQuant Signals Patent – Innovative, Unique & Different

Predictive Ideas/Insights

Presented the visual illustration of the QualQuant Signals customer collaboration process.

Meet or Exceed Expectations

Our ‘Expectations’ based framework brings out the outcome based probability of an idea/insight.

Game Changing Process

QualQuant Signals is scientifically designed by applying principles to deliver quality ideas/insights.

Why Choose Us

  • Patented Integrated Qualitative/Quantitative
  • Scientific Customer Collaboration Process
  • Predictive Ideas/Insights (Customer Signals) That WORK
  • An Innovative, Unique & Different Approach to Uncover Customer Signals
  • QualQuant Signals Brings You Very Close to Your Customer's Expectations

Customer Signals Picked Up

I reviewed with the Nexxus team and we think this report is excellent! We would like to schedule time in January for you to walk us through it. We also would like to have our agencies on the phone, since they manage our communication and content strategies. I sent it to the TRESemmé team. I really think they will be interested in doing a similar project.
Stephen Strong, Unilever