Patented Approach

/Patented Approach

Uncovering :: Amplifying Predictive Ideas/Insights (Hidden Customer Signals)

Using our patented iterative algorithm, customers are offered the chance to participate in an integrated QualQuant customer collaboration process. Through this process, they are exposed to and asked to comment on ideas/opinions about products and services.

QualQuant Signals algorithm ensures that all submitted ideas/insights are presented to other customers for evaluation (selection & rating) which dynamically retains only the predictive ideas/insights that will WORK!

All ideas/insights gathered during this process is immediately directly pushed in real-time to your company through our digital reporting system within a matter of hours. As a result you can build, design, price and deliver products in ways that may not have been possible before for a fraction of the cost that you currently pay today.

Our Scientific Integrated QualQuant Collaboration Process

Step by Step QualQuant Collaboration Process


Screening/Profiling Questions

Customers are screened by submitting their profiling information to develop segments and identify their creativity level, innovation (lead user, early adapter, etc.), influencer status, category/brand usage , demographics and, etc. This stage categorizes each customer based on the expertise level to the topic.


Customers Provide Ideas / Insights (Qualitative – Collecting Signals)

The QualQuant questions are designed using proven psychological probing factors to promote creativity & intelligence enabling high quality opinions to be submitted by customers. These are customer expressed ideas/insights (expectations) that will be evaluated (prioritized) in the next step of the QualQuant Signals process.


Customers Evaluate Ideas / Insights Submitted by Other(s) (Quantitative)

After submission of ideas/insights, customers are exposed to eight randomly selected ideas submitted by other customers and asked to select/rate the ones they connect with positively or negatively. At this stage QQS is able to determine the relevancy of each idea benchmarked to other ideas / insights submitted.


The QQS patented algorithm

The algorithm assigns a predictive score to each idea / insight they evaluated. The predictive score for each idea/insight is assigned base on estimated probability, choice/trade off, correlations, key influencers and cluster.

Delivering Outcome Based Ideas/Insights that WORK!