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QualQuant Signals – Voice of the Public

A scientific customer collaboration approach to uncover – prioritize expectations based predictive ideas (customer signals) that WORK!

Our QQS “Public Service Excellence” Goal:

To identify areas of opportunities (innovation & improvements) and delivering the pulse (expectations) of your constituents.

Looking to hear from your constituents? QualQuant Signals brings their expectations to your office. The QualQuant Signals scientific collaboration (peer to peer consensus building) tool empowers public institutions to reach it’s constituents to pick up hidden ideas/opinions that can make a difference.

What’s in it for citizens?
Ability to voice their ideas/opinions regarding their expectations based on what matters most to them. They help mold policies that meets their expectations their way.

What’s in it for public institutions?
Offering a great service that provides a lot of value. Ability to stay connected closely to expectations that help offer services leading to higher satisfaction. You have the pulse of what’s going in your constituent giving you the ability to react quickly.

Why continuously listen to your constituents?
They are at the receiving ends of your policies & spending and can deliver expectations based ideas / opinions for you to improve existing services or introduce new ones. Identify the trends and be ahead of the curve.

Areas of Collaboration:

  • Education
  • Public Services
  • Healthcare
  • Community Development
  • Judicial & Law
  • Quality of Life
  • General Services

Your constituents providing signals (ideas / opinions) to be better.

QualQuant Signals Value

Quick Turnaround
Quick Report Delivery
Research Rigor
Budget Friendly
Full Service Research
Strategy & Recommendation Consulting
Hybrid QualQuant
Highly Experienced Team

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Voices Capabilities

Unmet Needs

QQS uncovers & amplifies unmet or not served needs to present high value innovation opportunities.

Idea Generation

QQS delivers high value ideas for improving existing services or introducing new services.

Idea Community

QQS offers an always on ideation platform that allows your constituents to provide ideas / topics categorized by topics. This real time pulse is delivered daily allowing you to keep track of the signals.

Other Areas

You can call QQS an idea factory. We can custom design solutions to pick up and amplify ideas related to any topic area.


QualQuant Signals Patent – Innovative, Unique & Different

Predictive Ideas/Insights

Presented the visual illustration of the QualQuant Signals customer collaboration process.

Meet or Exceed Expectations

Our ‘Expectations’ based framework brings out the outcome based probability of an idea/insight.

Game Changing Process

QualQuant Signals is scientifically designed by applying principles to deliver quality ideas/insights.

Why Choose Us

  • Patented Integrated Qualitative/Quantitative
  • Scientific Customer Collaboration Process
  • Predictive Ideas/Insights (Customer Signals) That WORK
  • An Innovative, Unique & Different Approach to Uncover Customer Signals
  • QualQuant Signals Brings You Very Close to Your Customer's Expectations

Customer Signals Picked Up

I reviewed with the Nexxus team and we think this report is excellent! We would like to schedule time in January for you to walk us through it. We also would like to have our agencies on the phone, since they manage our communication and content strategies. I sent it to the TRESemmé team. I really think they will be interested in doing a similar project.
Stephen Strong, Unilever