Quality Versus Quantity of Ideas

Adaptive Idea Screening & Prioritization (Predictive Ideas / Insights)
The success of an innovation process is highly dependent on the quality of ideas that feed the concept planning and development process. Following a successful idea generation exercise, a company might easily be left with hundreds of ideas generated by experts, employees, or consumers. The next step is to screen and prioritize these ideas and identify those with the highest potential. This paper proposes a scientific and mathematical approach to involving consumers in idea screening and prioritization.

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What can brands learn from open source software development (innovation)?

Learn Innovation From The Best.
An article written by QualQuant Innovation labs that provides a peep into the success of collective human intelligence/creativity and how software developers around the world collectively innovate and develop successful software. Read more to learn how brands can apply this similar best practice to sustain success in this era of increasing expectations of customers. A possible future scenario could be where customer will be loyal to products that meet or exceed their expectations versus being loyal to a brand.

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