Why QQS?

/Why QQS?

Why QualQuant Signals? Predictive Ideas/Insights (Customer Signals) that WORK!

A lot of effort goes into generating IDEAS.
Applying science, math, statistical models & psychology to create an IDEA!

QualQuant Signals has developed a proprietary QualQuant collaboration approach to scientifically amplify expectations (ideas/insights). Our objective is to uncover and amplify outcome based predictive signals that brings you very close to your customers helping to minimize risk and increase chance of success.

An approach that excels at every stage of the QualQuant process…
1. Recruitment of participants (delphi technique)
2. Idea / Insights generation using psychological probing and laddering
3. Idea / Insights evaluation using peer 2 peer validation (select/rate other(s) ideas)
4. Idea / Insights prioritized by the QQS algorithm giving a clear direction of actions points

Below is an illustration of the QualQuant Signals process.