Sustain & Grow
We help sustain and grow your brand through Innovation, Ideation, New Product Development, Consumer Insights and Brand Strategy by providing expectations based predictive ideas & insights (customer signals) using our patented QualQuant customer collaboration process.
QualQuant Signals
A company that gets you very close to your customer’s expectations.
Collective Customer Intelligence
Idea/Insights Generation : Validation : Prioritization
QualQuant Signals Delivers
Predictive Ideas/Insights That Work!
Your Customers Have Hidden Ideas / Insights
Our patented scientific customer collaboration approach (peer to peer consensus building) uncovers & amplifies the predictive ideas/insights.
Predictive ideas/insights (customer signals) that provide targeted action points.Success directed by your customer’s signals.
Insights / Strategy
Unmet Needs
Idea Screening
Identify Innovation
Increase Revenue
Acquire Customers
Increase Loyalty
Increase Advocacy
Expectations Based
Ideas / Insights
We Have Expectations (Outcomes Desired)
Existing Expectations
Emerging Expectations
Unmet Needs
Functional Benefits
Emotional Benefits
Economic Value
Personal Value
Deliver Products/Services Based on our Expectations !

Uncovering :: Amplifying Outcome Based Predictive Ideas/Insights (customer signals) that WORK!

Our Core Competencies


Innovation Opportunities
Have ideas (validation & prioritization)
Need ideas (generation, validation & prioritization)
Identify new opportunities thru unmet needs
Identify new market niche opportunities
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New Product Development

Product / Packaging Innovation
Identify innovation opportunity (ideas)
New features within existing
Improve features within existing
Develop launch strategies
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Concept Test/Improve

Product / Packaging / Messaging
Prototype validation
Concept test, screen & improve
Concept launch planning
Post launch audit
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Brand Strategy

Path to Brand Loyalty/Advocacy
Identify new revenue opportunities
Customer acquisition strategies
Naming and tagline development
Net Promoter Score
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Consumer Insights

Voice of the Customer (VOC)
QualQuant focus group
Understand consumer behavior & trends
Brand assessment / gap analysis
Improve customer experience
Improve customer satisfaction
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Advertising Creative

Advertising Excellence
Ideation – creative/communication
Creative strategy development
Creative development
Creative test / improve
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Employees Thrilled
Employee motivation / satisfaction
Increase loyalty / reduce turnover
Rewards & recognition program
Improve productivity & creativity
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Digital Excellence
Touch point analysis
Uncover digital behaviors
Social media innovation
Digital innovation
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Public Sector

Citizens Thrilled
Ideas for new public services
Ideas to improve existing services
Capture citizen expectations
Satisfaction drivers
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Why Choose Us

  • Patented Integrated Qualitative/Quantitative
  • Scientific Customer Collaboration Process
  • Predictive Ideas/Insights (Customer Signals) That WORK
  • An Innovative, Unique & Different Approach to Uncover Customer Signals
  • QualQuant Signals Brings You Very Close to Your Customer's Expectations

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Thank you all for a very well run and timely study. I am really impressed that you could give us immediate feedback so we could adjust to avoid obvious problems that we fixed. Because of that, I feel the study results are very focused on the real issues to address.”

“I have been a researcher for 20 years and this is one of the best reports I’ve received in a very long time. This study was really well done and better than what my team would have done on our own!”

“Thank you!! This report is really great, so much good info in it.”

“You provided us with outstanding work and really good insights.”

“I really like the depth of the analyses and you have answered the question in the most detailed and complete fashion! Awesome stuff. The last few pages of the deck are killers! Great work!”

“This is a really good report and would love to get you to present to us soon.”

“Dear QualQuant Signals team,

Wow you guys are incredible!! Thank you for doing this & being such great partners. This is extremely helpful.”

“The team was pleased overall with the content and commented specifically about how they liked that you were able to interpret the results within the context of the knowledge you had of the Farm Credit.”

“I want to thank QQS for this round of analysis – AGAIN COMPLETELY UNSOLICITED AND DONE BECAUSE THEY ARE PASSIONATE TO SEE US SUCCEED. I don’t think any partner would have taken this initiative and really grateful to you.”

“Thanks for this comprehensive report. The team actually used the analysis and sent it to the agency. They were happy that we were able to provide perspective before they finalized the POPs! Timeliness is everything here.”

“The team was very happy with the Home Theater project, we used elements from the top 4 scoring messages in our communications and have seen continued sales and market share growth in the category.”

“Very nice job on the presentation of the findings both verbally and in writing! The person who said, “nicely designed study” is the VP of Marketing. I am glad he could attend and he appreciated the work that went in to this.

Thanks again for all your work on the design, analysis and communication of the research! It was a pleasure working with you on this.”

Our Clients